Do PROT3K backpacks provide protection against assault rifles?


PROT3K's Elite model provides protection against all assault rifles up to a 7.62x39mm, as well as the popular AR-15 civilian model sporting rifle, which has been used in multiple active shooter situations.

For more information about body armor protection:


I pre-ordered a PROT3K backpack.  When can I expect shipment?
Backpacks should be available before the 2018-2019 school year.

Can my bag go through a metal detector?
Yes.  You should have no trouble with metal detectors.


Are PROT3K backpacks water resistant?
While you should avoid taking them on your next scuba trip, yes - they are water resistant.   


Do you offer a clear/transparent option?
Great question!  Not at this current time; however, keep watching our website!


Is PROT3K a US company?
Yes!  PROT3K is made up of 3 American families - consisting of 2 professionals, 1 former police officer, and 1 former public school teacher -  who saw a desperate need for more protection.